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Want to become an industry authority on the web while forging valuable connections with your leads? Premium content is the way to do it. Downloadable and on-site premium content gives your website a showcase for your expertise, making it more engaging for your visitors and easier to turn them into leads. OneIMS and HubSpot are the only resources you need for creating and sharing beautiful, authoritative premium content.

Produce a Variety of Content

Your library of web content should be more than just words. With in-house graphic design and copywriting teams, we have the resources to produce dynamic, high-quality and shareable premium content for your site, including:

  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Slideshares
  • Educational downloads

These and other types of premium content demonstrate your authority in your industry to your site’s visitors, giving you a stronger voice in a competitive marketplace.

Build Your Database of Leads

When OneIMS produces and distributes your premium content, you get the benefit of HubSpot tools and analytics, too. Using HubSpot, we’re able to track user behavior on your site and engagement with your premium content, so we can see what registers the most with your readers and what type of content we should push.

By building landing pages that capture visitor data in exchange for premium content like exclusive downloads, we make it easier for you to expand your lead database. New leads are added automatically, and HubSpot’s lead tracking software monitors future lead engagement. Once someone is added to your database, you’ll be able to see their engagements with your emails, which pages they view, which downloads they sign up for and more, so you can effortlessly develop a sophisticated lead profile for your sales team.

Want to find out more about how OneIMS and HubSpot make lead profiles easier?

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