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The marketing value of web video is growing every year, and shows no signs of stopping. Is your business producing web videos? Do you have the time and resources to do it? We do, and we can integrate professional videos on your website for increased SEO value, better user engagement and ongoing access to valuable analytics.

Many companies leave video out of their web strategies because they simply don’t have the means to produce, optimize and host professional-grade video. Don’t be one of them. By investing in web video with OneIMS, you give your business better visibility right where it matters.

Boost Your SEO with Video

Web videos aren’t just beneficial for the consumers who watch them in ever-increasing numbers—they provide potential SEO benefit that can significantly impact your rankings.

Instead of watching web videos the way that consumers do, search engines like Google crawl through the associated coding and data. This means that no matter how high the quality of your video, if it isn’t uploaded, optimized and hosted properly, it won’t make the difference it should.

At OneIMS, we don’t just create your professional web video—we take care of all the little details that help it reach its full potential. Your web video will be fully optimized with search engine-friendly coding and tags, and will link online users directly to your website—not a profile on YouTube.


Track Your Analytics

Want to know if your videos are making a difference? We can tell you. With OneIMS, you’ll have access to analytics measuring how your videos perform. This data amounts to so much more than a view count—you’ll know which parts users skip, which they rewatch, where your viewers come from, how many times a viewer watches the same video, and more. You’ll even know which of your videos are the most successful tools for converting visitors.

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