Pay Per Click


Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can be highly valuable for attracting relevant traffic to your website—when they’re carefully managed. Otherwise, your PPC ads can easily show up alongside the wrong searches, driving the wrong kind of traffic and making your budget spiral out of control.

When you work with OneIMS and HubSpot, your PPC is in good hands. You don’t have to worry about your ads showing up in the wrong places or attracting clicks from the wrong audiences—instead, you benefit from refined, cost-effective strategies driven by data. Don’t assume that your PPC is as efficient as possible—see how we can make it even more valuable.

Keywords and More

Setting up a PPC campaign isn’t necessarily complex, but setting up a successful, cost-effective one can be. This type of advertising is highly competitive, so it takes a carefully-planned and well-managed campaign to make the most of your budget. By focusing on the right keyword phrases, ad groups and match types, we ensure that your PPC ads are seen by highly relevant audiences who become quality leads.

Ongoing Optimization

PPC campaigns give you results in real time, so you have to monitor them carefully to keep your budget under control and ensure that you’re attracting the most qualified leads possible.

Our web marketing team watches your PPC campaign closely, so you never have to wonder whether it’s effective or not. By refining your campaign as it goes, we ensure that it stays relevant and competitive.


The HubSpot Advantage

When you choose OneIMS, you get more than the certified expertise of our PPC team—you get the reporting and analytics that only HubSpot can provide. Our partnership with HubSpot gives you access to regular data reports, so you can see exactly where your PPC budget is going and what type of returns it’s creating.

PPC isn’t a strategy for guessing—it’s a data-driven science, and we have the unique combination of resources and expertise to make it work for you.

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